Smart rings: the new technological gadget for athletes that will be all the rage in 2024

Smart rings: the new technological gadget for athletes that will be all the rage in 2024
Lionel Nattes
Lionel Nattes
Ultradistance runner
Posted on 22-01-2024

We already have a new trendy gadget for this 2024. Smart rings are emerging as the latest device looking to revolutionize the wearable technology market. Compact, stylish and functional, these rings represent a significant leap from traditional smart watches and bracelets. This year we are already experiencing a wave of new models hitting the market. Rings that promise to revolutionize the way we train, take care of ourselves or interact with technology, merging fashion with functionality in a way never seen before.

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And is that smart rings are an innovative category of wearables that combines health and sports tracking technology with a discreet and elegant design. Unlike heart rate monitors & sports watches or smart bracelets, these rings offer a more subtle and comfortable way to wear advanced technology. From sleep and fitness monitoring tocontactless payment functions, these devices are designed to integrate effortlessly into the wearer's everyday life. Will they catch on?

The most outstanding activity rings of the moment

The most prominent activity rings of the moment

There are currently different models on the market with varying functionalities and prices. From premium rings to others with fewer and more accessible functionalities. A market that reminds us a lot of smart watches.

Amazfit Helio Ring

The most featured activity rings of the moment - Amazfit Helio Ring

Announced at CES 2024, this Amazfit smart ring promises to stand out in the market. Made of titanium and featuring EDA (skin conductance) monitoring capabilities, the Helio Ring is shaping up to be an ideal addition for the brand's smart watches wearers. Although its price has not yet been disclosed, it is expected to compete directly with high-end models such as the Oura Ring.

Samsung Galaxy Ring

The most featured activity rings of the moment - Samsung Galaxy Ring

Introduced alongside the new Galaxy S24 line, the Galaxy Ring is Samsung s bet on the smart ring market. Leveraging the Samsung Health platform, this device promises to offer full integration with the brand's ecosystem, including sleep and heart rate monitoring. Although specific details and pricing have yet to be announced, anticipation is high on how this device will position itself in the wearables market.

Oura Ring

Smart Rings: The new tech gadget for athletes that's going to be all the rage in 2024 Oura Ring

This ring has become a symbol of luxury and precision health tracking. Initially used by celebrities, the Oura Ring accurately measures heart rate and blood oxygen. Its detailed activity and sleep reports make it ideal for those focused on optimal health and wellness. Its sleek titanium design and price of 399⬠reflect its premium positioning in the market. It is priced at ?330 to which we will then have to add 5.99 per month to access readings from its various sensors.

Ultrahuman Ring Air

The most outstanding activity rings of the moment - Ultrahuman Ring Air

Designed for durability and resistance, this Ultrahuman Ring Air stands out for its robustness. Although its size is larger than average, it offers detailed tracking of both physical activity and sleep. What sets it apart is the absence of a required subscription and its focus on providing a comprehensive health report. Its ?379 price tag is justified by its quality and the depth of data it offers.


The most outstanding activity rings of the moment - Go2Sleep

This $89 ring specializes in improving sleep quality. Equipped with sensors to measure heart rate and blood oxygen (SpO2), Go2Sleep is ideal for those seeking to understand and improve their sleep, especially people with breathing problems or sleep apnea.


The most outstanding activity rings of the moment - RingConn

A multipurpose ring that stands out for its versatility. Made of titanium and IP68 certified, this RingConn offers everything from heart rate and sleep monitoring to the ability to make payments. Its iOS and Android compatible app makes data management easy. With a battery life of approximately one week and a price tag of $279, it is an attractive option for technologically conscious users.


The most outstanding activity rings of the moment - JAKCOM R5

This JAKCOM R5 smart ring, available for about ?40, is an example of the more affordable range of smart rings. With capabilities such as NFC and RFID, it allows for everything from triggering calls to interacting with social networks. However, its reliability and quality are still in the process of improvement, making it less recommended for those looking for a more sophisticated user experience.


The most outstanding activity rings of the moment - Cnick

This Cnick ring, with a focus on payments and security, includes NFC technology and has been approved by Visa and Mastercard. Compatible with Tesla devices and cars, its functionality to unlock doors and devices makes it unique. Available in various materials, its price varies, starting at ?119 for the ceramic model.


The most outstanding activity rings of the moment - ArcX

Specially designed for athletes, the ArcX, priced at ?14.95, is remarkably affordable. It offers hands-free control for mobile devices and Bluetooth, functioning as a remote trigger or emergency button. Its simplicity and ease of setup make it ideal for libre activities and training.

Movano Evie

The most outstanding activity rings of the moment - Movano Evie

Focused on women's health, this $269 ring integrates multiple sensors to measure everything from heart rate to heart rate variability (HRV) to tracking sleep, respiration, temperature and blood oxygen level. This Movano Evie smart ring also excels in menstrual cycle detection functionality, offering a holistic approach to women's health.

What uses can we put these smart rings to?

Smart rings, beyond their attractive and differential design, offer a range of functionalities that make them extremely versatile. Sleep monitoring is a common feature, providing detailed data on sleep quality and patterns. In the field of physical activity, these devices track steps, calories burned and offer sports performance analysis. Some models, such as the Cnick and RingConn, even allow contactless payments, integrating convenience and technology into everyday life. In addition, health monitoring is a key functionality, with sensors measuring heart rate, heart rate variability, and in some cases, blood oxygen levels and body temperature.

What uses can we give to these smart rings?

User and expert experiences

User opinions on smart rings vary widely. Some praise the discreetness and convenience these devices offer, especially compared to bulkier smart watches or wristbands. Others highlight the ease of use and accuracy of the health and fitness data provided. However, there are also criticisms, especially regarding the durability and accuracy of less expensive models such as the JAKCOM R5. Wearable technology experts emphasize the importance of choosing a smart ring that aligns with individual needs and expectations, and recommend research before making an investment.

Why is there so much price difference?

The wide variation in smart ring prices is due to several crucial factors, including differences in functionalities, quality of materials and the app technology that is associated with the ring itself.

Different functionalities

Smart rings vary significantly in terms of the functions they offer. Higher-end models such as the Oura Ring and Ultrahuman Ring Air provide a wider and more sophisticated range of tracking, including accurate detection of heart rate, blood oxygen and sleep patterns. On the other hand, cheaper options such as the JAKCOM R5 focus on basic functionalities such as NFC for payments and simple mobile syncing. Thisdifference in the breadth and accuracy of functions has a direct impact on price.

Smart rings: Why is there so much difference in price

Quality of materials

The material the ring is made of is another determining factor in its price. Rings made of premium materials such as titanium or special ceramic, as in the case of the Oura Ring, tend to be more expensive due to their greater durability and aesthetic design. In contrast, more affordable rings may be made of plastic or less expensive materials, which reduces their price but may also affect their durability and comfort.

Associated App

The quality and capabilities of the app that accompanies the smart ring are critical. The most advanced apps offer detailed analysis of collected data, personalized health and wellness tips, and an intuitive user interface. The development and maintenance of such sophisticated applications require significant investment and resources, which is reflected in the price of the ring. Cheaper rings may have applications with limited or less intuitive functionality, which reduces costs but also impacts the user experience.

Smart rings: Are they going to have an impact on health and sport?

Are they going to have an impact on health and sport?

Smart rings are already having a noticeable impact on the way people monitor their health and physical activity. You are going to see it in many elite athletes like Carlos Mayo who already talked to us about their use in the RUNNEA Podcast.

For popular athletes, they offer a discreet and efficient way to track performance and recovery. In terms of health, the ability of these devices to constantly monitor key indicators such as heart rate and sleep is providing users with a deeper understanding of their overall well-being.

This level of tracking can be particularly beneficial for those managing specific health conditions or looking to improve their overall health through lifestyle changes.

Smart Rings: The future of smart rings

The Future of Smart Rings

The future of smart rings looks promising, with projections indicating continued growth in popularity and adoption. Future innovations are expected to include improvements in monitoring accuracy, more personalized designs, and deeper integration with other smart devices and health systems.

The possibility of new functionalities, such as advanced health condition detection and enhanced interaction with the digital environment, could further position smart rings as an essential part of wearable technology in everyday life.

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