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The Apple Watch Series 9 arrives on the market with the promise of once again revolutionizing the world of wearables. With significant improvements in design, functionality and performance, this new smartwatch is positioned as a comprehensive tool for health, wellness and sports performance. But what makes it so special and how does it compare to its predecessor, the Series 8? We at RUNNEA will find out.

New features and functionalities of the Apple Watch Series 9

The incorporation of the new 4-core S9 chipset is undoubtedly one of the most significant updates of the Apple Watch Series 9. This processor not only improves the overall efficiency of the device with 30% more transistors, but also boosts the GPU by 30%.

This means a faster and smoother performance, especially noticeable in apps that require high graphics performance

The ability to process Siri requests directly on the device is another revolutionary improvement. Not only does this make dictation 25% faster compared to the Apple Watch Series 8, but it also makes it possible to request health data from the assistant. Although this feature is currently limited to English and Chinese languages, it is a step forward in hands-free interaction and the integration of health and technology.

The U2 Ultra Wide Band chip adds another layer of functionality by improving location accuracy. This feature is particularly useful for more seamless integration with other Apple devices, such as the HomePods

Apple Watch Series 9: Less carbon footprint

Smaller carbon footprint

On the other hand, another important milestone of this revamped Apple Watch Series 9 is in that the design of this smart watches makes an impact, but leaves less of a carbon footprint. It is the first device of the American brand carbon neutral. A bet that tries to bring Apple closer to achieving that all its products are sustainable and carbon neutral in 2030. A goal that comes hand in hand with the use of innovative materials, clean energy and less polluting means of transport to reduce most emissions. At the same time, Apple is investing in environmental initiatives. The motto is clear:

Because the earth can't wait. And neither can we (Apple).

Highlights of the features

  • Body Battery? Energy Monitor: Not only measures your energy levels, but it also offers personalized tips to improve your performance and well-being.
  • Built-in sports apps: With over 30 pre-installed sports apps, the Watch Series 9 is a versatile workout companion.
  • Training benefits and recovery time: It helps you understand how each training session affects your body and how much recovery time you need.
  • Optical wrist-based heart rate sensor: Constant heart rate monitoring allows you to adjust the intensity of your workouts in real time.

Main features of the Apple Watch Series 9

Apple Watch Series 9 key features

Performance and battery

Battery life remains Apple's Achilles heel compared to competitors like Garmin. Although the Series 9 offers up to 18 hours of battery life, it is still inferior to other high-end heart rate monitors & sports watches.

Its battery modes are:

  • Up to 18 hours.
  • Up to 36 hours in low power mode .
  • Fast charging.

Apple Watch Series 9: Design and display

Design and display

One of the most striking updates to the Apple Watch Series 9 is its retina display with a maximum brightness of 2,000 nits, double that of its predecessor. This upgrade not only offers exceptional visibility in bright conditions, but also includes a 1 nit minimum brightness mode for Always On Display mode.

This setting is especially useful for extending battery life, allowing the watch to be even more versatile in different environments and situations.

In addition, this Watch Series 9 maintains the sleek aesthetics that Apple is known for, but also introduces a larger and brighter display, with a resolution of 484x396 pixels. The sapphire crystal and ceramic casing enhance durability, making it ideal for sporting activities.

Apple Watch Series 9: New control gesture

New control gesture

Apple has always been a pioneer in creating intuitive user interfaces, and the Apple Watch Series 9 is no exception. The company has introduced a new gesture to control the watch that is executed with the index finger and thumb of the hand where you wear the Apple Watch. This gesture allows a number of quick actions such as:

  • Answering or rejecting calls.
  • Stop timers.
  • Pause music.
  • Take a photo.

This functionality adds an additional layer of convenience and efficiency, making interaction with the device more fluid and natural.

What's new in the watchOS 10 operating system

Apple Watch Series 9 runs on the watchOS 10 operating system. This key update will take your experience to a whole new level, offering a host of features that will enhance every aspect of your daily use of the watch.

  • New customizable watch faces: Express yourself like never before with a range of new customizable watch faces to suit your style and needs. From minimalist to eye-catching, you'll find the perfect one for every occasion.
  • Enhanced Bluetooth connection: Bluetooth connectivity has been optimized to give you a seamless experience, allowing you to pair and sync your devices faster and more efficiently.
  • Night Mode Ambient Light Sensor: Now, even in the dark, your watch will automatically adjust the screen brightness thanks to the night mode ambient light sensor. You no longer have to worry about being dazzled in low-light situations.
  • Revamped Compass App: Explore the world with confidence and in real time, thanks to the redesigned Compass app. Get accurate and reliable directions for your adventures.
  • Redesigned Apps: watchOS 10 also brings a completely redesigned set of popular apps, which means you'll have access to a smoother and more efficient experience on your wrist, making your smartwatch an even more powerful and versatile tool that fits your lifestyle perfectly. All you need to do is upgrade your Apple experience!

Apple Watch Series 9: More sustainable style bands

Straps: more sustainable style

In an effort to be more sustainable and offer unique customization options, Apple has collaborated with renowned brands such as Nike and Hermès to design exclusive bands for the Apple Watch Series 9

  1. Nike Sport Band: This band is especially notable for its commitment to the environment. It contains over 32% recycled fluoroelastomer and features colorful flakes made from excess strap material. This detail is not only a nod to sustainability, but also creates a random pattern that makes each bracelet one-of-a-kind.
  2. Hermès Bridon: This is the first woven strap for the Apple Watch and is hand-braided with a bold chevron pattern. Its handcrafted design and unique texture make it a luxury option for those looking for more than just a watch band.
  3. Hermès Kilim: For lovers of sports and free activities, the Hermès Kilim strap is an excellent choice. It is made of sporty, waterproof molded rubber and comes with a deployant buckle for added security.

These collaborations not only add a touch of style and exclusivity to the Apple Watch Series 9, but also reflect Apple s commitment to sustainability and innovation in products design.

Apple Watch Series 9: Apple Watch Series Watch Series 9 availability and pricing

Apple Watch Series 9 availability and pricing

If you are already thinking about getting your hands on this new device, mark your calendar for September 22, the date on which the Apple Watch Series 9 will officially go on sale. Here are the prices according to the different versions and materials:

Aluminum versions

  • Apple Watch Series 9 41 mm GPS version: 449 euros.
  • Apple Watch Series 9 45 mm GPS version: 479 euros.
  • Apple Watch Series 9 41 mm LTE version: 569 euros.
  • Apple Watch Series 9 45 mm LTE version: 599 euros.

Stainless Steel Versions

  • Apple Watch Series 9 41 mm GPS+LTE version: 799 euros.
  • Apple Watch Series 9 45 mm GPS+LTE version: 849 euros.

These prices reflect the range of options available, allowing you to choose the model that best suits your needs, whether in terms of functionality or style. It's a considerable investment, but given the advanced features and significant improvements over previous versions, it could be worth it for those looking for a comprehensive smart watches for health, wellness and sports performance.

In this sense, and always with the idea of looking for the best deal, remember that you can compare prices on RUNNEA.

Why choose this Apple Watch Series 9

So why choose this Apple Watch Series 9?

The Apple Watch Series 9 is more than a smartwatch; it is an integral tool for your health and well-being. With a wide range of sports and health functionalities, this watch is ideal for those looking for a device that can do it all. However, battery life is still an area for improvement.

Review of Apple Watch Series 9

10 June 2024


  • Impressive display
  • GPS accuracy
  • Advanced health functions


  • Battery life
  • Double-tap control is not going too smoothly
  • High price compared to competitors

Apple Watch Series 9: The day they make the battery last longer... There will be no one to beat it

After more than 4 months testing the Apple Watch Series 9, I think I already feel legitimized to say that this smartwatch continues to consolidate as the best companion if you have an iPhone. It is true that there are no changes in its design or major internal improvements, but the Series 8 was already a great smartwatch and the new features of the Series 9 make it a very attractive option for lovers of the Apple ecosystem and health and sport. In this review, I give my impressions of the Apple Watch Series 9, focusing on its health and sports performance tracking capabilities.

Design and display

The design of the Apple Watch Series 9 remains virtually identical to its predecessors, the Series 8 and Series 7. If you put these three watches side by side, I don't think you'd be able to tell them apart. That said, this design continuity is not necessarily a bad thing; Apple s philosophy is not to touch what works and it has almost always worked well for them. The aluminum case, available in 41mm and 45mm sizes, remains sturdy and lightweight, with a weight that has barely changed.

The crown on the upper right side and the elongated side button remain untouched. The crown is solid and provides an accurate and very satisfying tactile response, making it easy to navigate the watch's menus. The side button, while unobtrusive and integrating well with the design of the watch, can be a bit difficult to press in certain situations. In my case when I'm out running and sweaty it can be uncomfortable.

The display is impressive

The Retina LTPO OLED display on the Apple Watch Series 9 is simply spectacular. With a maximum brightness of 2000 nits, twice that of the Series 8, visibility in direct sunlight is excellent. I've worn the watch during outdoors outings on very sunny days and didn't have to strain to see the display. The 484 x 396 pixel resolution and a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch ensure that everything looks crisp and clear. In addition, the on Display feature is a significant advantage, allowing you to see the time and other information without having to constantly lift your wrist.

The curvature of the display helps reduce reflections on the edges, further improving visibility. The new WatchOS 10 watch faces, especially the animated Snoopy one, add a touch of fun and customization, making the watch feel more alive and engaging. One small downside, however, is that the screen tends to accumulate fingerprints easily, although this can be quickly fixed with a cloth.

Health features

One of the highlights of the Apple Watch Series 9 is its ability to monitor the user's health. The heart rate sensor provides accurate measurements at all times. During my workouts, the heart rate readings were very consistent and accurate, even when compared to a chest strap. I find the electrocardiogram (ECG) feature super interesting, providing the ability to detect cardiac irregularities (although they clearly warn you that it is not a medical instrument and prescriptions are indicative), but it can give you clues for early detection of problems such as atrial fibrillation.

I have performed several ECG tests and compared the results with a quality medical device, and the results were surprisingly similar. This feature is easy to use: you simply open the ECG app, place your finger on the digital crown and wait 30 seconds. The watch generates a graph that you can share with your doctor, offering a valuable tool for monitoring your heart health.

Blood oxygen and temperature measurement

The blood oxygen sensor (SpO2) is another useful tool, especially for athletes and those concerned about their respiratory health. I have used this feature several times and the measurements were quick and easy to understand. As for temperature measurement, although the watch has the ability to measure skin temperature, this feature is currently used only for internal algorithms and menstrual cycle tracking. It would be useful if Apple enabled the display of this data directly for users.

Blood oxygen measurement is especially useful during intense workouts and altitude activities. On one occasion, while hiking on a mountain at high altitude, I was able to check my oxygen level and make sure I was not experiencing hypoxia. This information helped me adjust my pace and take breaks when necessary.

Sleep tracking

Sleep tracking with the Apple Watch Series 9 was a positive experience. The watch monitors sleep phases and provides detailed analysis through the Health app on the iPhone. I was able to see not only how long I slept, but also the quality of my sleep, including how much time I spent in each sleep phase. This information is invaluable for improving sleep habits and ultimately overall health.

I was especially impressed with how the watch can detect sleep disruptions and suggest adjustments to improve sleep quality. After several nights of tracking, I noticed patterns that helped me better understand how certain habits, such as using electronic devices before bed, affected my sleep. Implementing the tips provided by the app resulted in more restful sleep and an increase in my energy levels during the day.

Sports features

The Apple Watch Series 9 offers a wide range of options for monitoring different types of physical activities. From running or swimming, to workouts at the gym, the watch is designed to provide accurate and useful data. During my testing, I used the watch to monitor my running workouts by comparing data with the Huawei Watch Fit 3 and a Garmin Forerunner 265 and the data was very similar. The ability to set up interval workouts and heart rate zones for sports like running and cycling are especially useful to help you optimize your training.

I was impressed with how accurately the watch could distinguish between different types of workouts. For example, when doing a training session at the gym that included running on a treadmill and then switching to rowing, the watch was able to detect this and record both types of activity.

GPS accuracy

The GPS built into the Apple Watch Series 9 is extremely accurate. I ran several route tests, comparing the data from the watch to other GPS devices and the discrepancies were minimal. During my runs, the watch accurately captured my route, distance traveled and pace. Even in urban environments with tall buildings, the GPS signal remained stable and accurate.

One of the most rigorous tests I performed was during a run on a mountainous trail. Not only did the watch accurately track my location, but it also provided detailed elevation data, which is crucial to understanding how terrain affects your performance. This level of detail is invaluable for planning workouts and gradually improving.

Integration with the iPhone Fitness and Health app

Integration with the Fitness app on the iPhone is another strength of the Apple Watch Series 9. The app provides a detailed summary of all physical activities, including advanced statistics such as stride cadence, step length and gait asymmetry. This data is very useful for those looking to improve their technique and performance. Personally, I found these statistics useful in adjusting my running technique and preventing injuries.

In addition, the motivation provided by the activity ring system is significant. The movement, exercise and standing rings encourage you to stay active throughout the day. Reaching daily goals and receiving achievement notifications creates a sense of personal competence that can be very motivating.

Battery life and performance

The Apple Watch Series 9's battery life remains its main problem. With normal use, the watch offers up to 18-20 hours of battery life, which means you will need to charge it every day. However, in low power mode, the battery can last up to 36 hours. During my tests, I was able to extend the battery life a bit more by adjusting certain settings (no mobile notifications or removing the always-on screen mode), but in general, it needs to be recharged daily. The quick charge however is very good. It allows you to charge the watch to 80% in about 45 minutes.

I have done specific tests to see how the battery behaves in different scenarios. During a day of heavy use which included a running session, listening to music, receiving calls through the watch and constant use of the on Display, the battery lasted approximately 15 hours. On a quieter day, with fewer notifications and no workouts, the battery can last virtually 24 hours.

Smoothness and performance

The new Apple S9 processor provides remarkably smooth performance. Apps open quickly and multitasking is handled efficiently. I used several third-party apps, such as Spotify and Strava, and the experience was excellent in all cases. In addition, Siri is now faster and more accurate, thanks to the new quad-core Neural Engine that enables command processing directly on the device, without the need for an internet connection.

During my testing, the responsiveness of the watch was evident. Whether it was switching from one app to another, answering messages or adjusting settings, everything was done without delay. Interaction with Siri also improved significantly. I was able to ask Siri to set my alarms, send messages, and look up information without experiencing the delays that sometimes occur in previous versions.

What's New in the Apple Watch Series 9

Double-tap control

One of the unique features of the Apple Watch Series 9 is the double-tap control. This feature will allow you to interact with the watch by double-tapping your index finger and thumb, without physically touching the screen. It is quite useful in situations where I have sweaty or wet hands for example. You can pause and play music while running without having to touch the screen. Although it is true that sometimes it doesn't work. You have to repeat the action several times until the watch identifies the two finger touches.

Siri is now faster

Siri's performance has improved with the new S9 processor. Voice commands are processed at a faster speed than in previous models. In other words, it responds faster. In addition, Siri's ability to handle tasks without an internet connection has improved the user experience. In situations where I didn't have a stable connection, such as when I was out running in the mountains, Siri can still execute basic commands such as setting timers or playing downloaded music.

The Apple Watch Series 9 looks like a solid evolution of its predecessor, maintaining the iconic design while improving key aspects such as the display and performance. For health and fitness-focused users, it offers a number of advanced features that can help monitor and improve overall wellness.

However, it is important to note that many of the improvements in this generation are more software-related than hardware-related. Major new features, such as new widgets and the medication app, are also available on previous models through updates to WatchOS 10.

Is the Apple Watch Series 9 worth buying?

If you're coming from a pre-Series 7 model, the jump to the Series 9 will offer you a number of significant improvements in terms of performance and functionality. However, if you already have a Series 8, the differences may not justify the cost of upgrading, unless the specific new features are crucial to you. And depending on how hooked you are to the Apple universe, a cheaper alternative would be the Huawei Watch Fit 3.

The Apple Watch Series 9 remains the best companion for the iPhone, combining a sleek design with advanced health and fitness capabilities. Its seamless integration with the Apple ecosystem certainly makes it an ideal choice for those looking for a smartwatch for everything, especially if you have an iPhone.

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