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Samsung is one of the leading brands, besides Apple or Xiaomi, as far as smart watches are concerned. And that's why today we come to talk about the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6, the most awarded and highest quality line of the house. And it is not for less, since the new model of smart watches is presented as one of the most complete smartwatches in its catalog, and the market.

A Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 that comes to complete the line of Galaxy smart watches, which we hope will also include a Pro version, as in its predecessor model. However, this traditional version will be characterized by maintaining the connectionsof latest generation. A design of great elegance that, combined with its technical quality, we speak of one of the best devices, if not the best, of the company.

What are the expectations of the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 6?

Speaking of expectations, we can not miss the opportunity to mention some of the qualities with which we would like to see this new Samsung smart watch. First, and perhaps one of its most important aspects, its processor. Everything points to the fact that we will have an upgrade to the new Exynos W980 processor that will bring a very significant improvement over its predecessor.

For its part, we are looking at a smart watches that is expected to come with up to 10% more power and a much greater autonomy, or battery life. Both qualities driven by that new chip we mentioned. With an improvement in third-party connections, we are talking about a very complete watch that will not only be suitable for sports use, but will also meet all your day-to-day needs.

Its sphere is expected to maintain the same dimensions as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro models. In addition, everything points to the fact that this new edition of one of the most powerful Samsung watches may arrive a month earlier than expected. If it is usual to receive the releases in the month of August, maybe this year they will hurry and we will have this new model from July.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 ideal runner

As we have been anticipating, this new Samsung smart watch is one of the most versatile and powerful on the market right now. With a technological framework of last generation and the best sports features, in addition to a quality design and style, we are talking about a smart watches aimed at athletes looking for a versatile watch. Suitable for both their training sessions and for their day to day.

In conclusion, we are facing the renewal of one of the most powerful ranges of the company, the Galaxy Watch line that hopefully can begin to be marketed, as we have advanced, about the month of July this 2023. A model that if it maintains the prices of its predecessors, will be around 300 in its traditional version and 430 € in its hypothetical version (still unconfirmed) Pro.

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