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The new Polar Grit X, the multisport outdoor watch designed for libre sports enthusiasts, has landed on the market. This tireless adventure companion, combines the most advanced technologies and materials of the Finnish brand, joining the range of high performance products for those athletes looking to achieve maximum performance in every workout. A heart rate monitor that has the most advanced and innovative Polar technologies along with an ultralight, elegant and functional design.

Polar Grit X, your indefatigable adventure companion

The official launch of this multisport outdoor sports watch has attracted all the attention and it's no wonder! This Polar Gritx X is the perfect choice for libre sports enthusiasts looking to discover and reach the highest level in every adventure.

Polar Grit X, main characteristics

A heart rate monitor that completely revolutionizes the range of high performance products of the Finnish brand as it includes the most innovative technologies and materials of the moment. If you are looking for a faithful companion for your most demanding outdoor adventures, the Polar Grit X is the definitive answer to your prayers.

Maximum performance

This Polar Grit X provides a comprehensive analysis of training load and night's rest. Incorporating the Polar Precision Prime optical heart rate system ensures maximum accuracy and reliability to regulate the intensity of effort in changing terrain.

Polar Grit X, optical pulse

Among its most important features is the new Hill Splitter function, capable of automatically detecting uphill and downhill segments and allowing the athlete to better manage the intensity.

Polar Grit X, main features

The Polar Grit X is undoubtedly one of Polar 's star launches this season. A gadget that is postulated as the ultimate choice for the most demanding outdoor athletes looking for maximum accuracy and reliability during their libre adventures. for this, the Finnish brand is committed to incorporate its most innovative technologies and materials:

Polar Grit X, maximum reliability

  • Polar Precision Prime optical pulse system: maximum accuracy and reliability, from the beginning to the end of the adventure.
  • Automatic detection of uphill and downhill segments.
  • Personalized reminders (automatic or manual) to ensure proper hydration and nutrition. It will allow you to achieve maximum performance and face the most demanding sessions safely, for this, it has anew FuelWise function for proper management of hydration and nutrition during the most demanding adventures.
  • Running Power function for a running power measurement directly from the wrist. A feature that optimizes the athlete's energy for maximum running performance.
  • High-precision GPS and compass.
  • Real-time weather information and two-day forecast. With a brief glance at this sports watch for outdoor use the athlete can know the weather information in real time and the two-day forecast, to plan your next adventures with all possible guarantees.
  • Multiple modes and settings for different battery saving options. Options that extend its autonomy up to 100 hours of uninterrupted training; in watch mode, up to 7 days.
  • Wide variety of performance-oriented functions with exhaustive monitoring of the outdoor athlete's performance, effort and rest period.

There are many outstanding functions present in this Polar device, which seek to optimize the athlete's performance at all times. As is the case of the Training Load Pro function, which helps prevent overtraining and undertraining by controlling the stress load in each session. An exhaustive analysis to make the athlete even more efficient.

Polar Grit X, functionality

Meanwhile, theNightly Recharge function monitors the quality of sleep, helping to regulate the energy load during the day. To enjoy the most demanding libre adventures, the athlete needs to take care and pamper the nightly recovery.

Polar Grit X, the watch for the outdoor sportsman incombustible

A model that seeks to compete head to head with other major electronic sports devices on the market such as the Garmin Fenix 6 or Suunto 9. A device capable of meeting the highest demands of the outdoor athlete, accuracy, reliability and autonomy. The one that, without a doubt, will be your tireless companion on routes and races of greater or lesser intensity, discover all the new features of the new Polar Grit X!

Polar Grit X, adventurous character

Ultra-lightweight design, elegant and functional aesthetics

The leading brands in the sector are echoing the needs and demands of athletes and are committed to creating devices of great precision and reliability that accompany us during our adventures and also during the day to day. The ultralight design and elegant and functional aesthetics of this new Polar Grit X sports watch is proof of this, a high-performance device that bets on a sophisticated and neat aesthetic for your daily looks.

Polar Grit X, colors

This Polar Grit X will be available in three colors and its RRP is 429,90€. The black and military green color is available in M/L sizes while the white color will be available in S/M sizes.

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