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The update was more than expected, and finally Polar has decided to take the step forward and launch an improved version of its best-selling model, the Polar M400, the device that combines the functions of heart rate monitor and activity tracker, and that stands out for itsexcellent value for money. Thus, the evolution responds to the name of the new Polar M430, a GPS watch that brings all the good of the M400, adding the practical optical wrist sensor out chest band!

In addition, in this Polar M430, the Finnish brand has opted to make a nod to the most demanding runners, since, to the activity tracking 24 hours and seven days a week, also includes advanced training features (performance graphs, cadence ...). So we can speak of a gadget for running with maximum performance, and oriented for runners looking for something more to improve their performance.

Yes, it is focused on running, but it is not a device exclusively for lovers of devouring kilometers with running shoes on. In fact, the M430 incorporates different sport profiles, which exceed one hundred, and allow you to adapt the device to the most appropriate for the training to be performed.

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Needless to say that one of the improvements of the Polar M430 is located in the integration of heart rate measurement from the wrist. This pulse sensor draws attention because Polar breaks the established script of the 4 standard LED lights, adding two more, and going on to have a total of 6 LED lights. The great advantage of this change is that the Polar M430 guarantees greater precession when computing the heart rate in full action.

In addition, and with the idea of reinforcing the idea of precision, the Polar M430 is compatible with various accessories of the Finnish brand, designed to improve your experience as a runner, and know your performance, in detail, in each workout. Among them are the Polar H10 heart rate sensor and the new Bluetooth Smart running sensor, a gadget with which you will have the opportunity to improve your running technique.

On the other hand, the integrated GPS of the Polar M430 has as a plus point the SiRFInstantFix function -satellite prediction technology-. An ideal resource if you are one of those who often repeat the same training scenarios, because this sports watch reduces the waiting time to pick up the signal from the satellites, because it has them "memorized" from the last sessions executed. It also incorporates the low-power GPS mode. Not forgetting the usual option of tracking altitude, distance and running speed. To which we must add the ability to view the route taken through the Polar Flow web service.

What the Polar M430 does not bring with it is the GLONASS navigation system, nor the barometric altimeter, so the data concerning altitude comes from the GPS signal.

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Polar M430, designed for runners

As we have been telling you, the new Polar M430 will be your perfect ally to move to the next level in your progression as a runner, thanks to its advanced training features. Thus, some of these that fall within the so-called Smart Coaching -also present in other iconic models of the Finnish brand M600, M200, M400, V800 or A360, among others- are summarized in:

  • Running Program

Through the Polar Flow platform you can follow a personalized training plan, and train by goal, choosing between four challenges of different distances, from short distance races such as 5kms and 10kms, to long distance such as half marathon and marathon.

  • Running Index

With the use of this tool you will know how your running performance is going, and if your running form is really efficient.

  • Training Load

Another application available in Polar Flow, it will let you know how your body is adapting to different training loads, even comparing them with each other to determine your own personal limits. It will give you the information you need to adjust both training duration and intensity.

  • Fitness Test with wrist heart rate monitor

This is an effective five-minute test to measure your aerobic capacity, taking as a reference your resting pulse and heart rate variability, as well as the information you have previously provided. Ideal for testing your progress.

  • Recovery Status

Shows the recovery time you need before starting a new training session.

  • Training Benefit

After finishing your training, the device encourages you, motivates you and encourages you to continue, as it describes the positive effect of the training session you have completed.

Another feature of the Polar M340 is its improved accelerometer, which is very useful for indoor and indoor training, indicating information about distance and pace.

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Activity monitor functions

On the other hand, and following the continuity of its predecessor, the Polar M430 also incorporates daily activity tracking functions. So you will have the option to monitor useful information about the accumulated steps; the distance traveled; the amount of calories burned, according to your particular data of weight, height, age and sex. In addition to setting daily physical activity and movement goals.

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It also allows you to evaluate the quality of your sleep. Here enters the scene one of its outstanding innovations as the inclusion of the Sleep Plus function, which not only provides data on the quantity and quality of sleep, but also marks the start and end time of rest.

With theActivity Guide and Activity Benefit functions you will have no excuse to stay still, and you will overcome laziness to get active, and thus achieve your daily goals, having detailed information on the physical exercise you do every day, every week and every month.

It also has an inactivity alert, that after a period of 55 minutes without recording any physical activity, the device will send you a signal that will invite you to get active so you won't be standing still for too long.

The Polar M430 also has smart notifications, always synchronized to a compatible smartphone - on the device's own screen.

Polar M430 - photo 3

Design, aesthetics and other technical specifications

The design of the Polar M430 does not involve much variation with respect to that seen in the M400, given that the dimensions are practically identical. Even the screen is the same with high resolution of 128x128 pixels, although it is missing that it is not color (resorting to the Polar M600), or touch.

What does vary is its weight, set at 51 grams. A figure that is 5 grams less than the M400. Also its battery capacity increases, from 190mAh of the Polar M400 to 240mAh, which causes a significant increase in its autonomy up to 8 hours with GPS and optical sensor.

On the other hand, thinking about improving the fit of the device, the Polar M430 has chosen to include a more elastic strap and with more holes, which increase ventilation. In addition to the fact that the straps can be separated from the body of this sports watch, which makes it possible to change the dials, turning the M430 into an analog or digital watch.

In the chapter of connectivity, the Polar M430 offers the possibility to configure and synchronize all its functions and applications through three simple ways. By USB, via charging cable; by Polar's exclusive FlowLink program, the easiest way to transfer data from the device to the computer; and by Bluetooth, and synchronized with compatible smartphones from Polar Flow. Although the wi-fi connection option is missing.

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Summary of the improvements of the Polar M430

All of them are put in comparison with the previous model of Polar M400.

  • Optical wrist heart rate sensor and with 6 LED lights.
  • Greater autonomy, thanks to the incorporation of a higher capacity battery up to 8 hours, using GPS and optical sensor.
  • Vibration alerts.
  • New USB connector, which facilitates the task of passing and charging different data.
  • Sleep quality monitoring with the exclusive Sleep Plus function.
  • Lighter device than its predecessor.
  • Real-time tracking of physical activity throughout the day.
  • Indoor running data. If the Polar M430 does not locate available GPS signal, the device, and from the movements of the wrist itself, can measure both distance and pace.

Finally, and to top off the presentation of the new Polar M430, its user interface is available in 18 languages (Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese, French, German, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Polish, Norwegian, Czech, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian and Turkish). The M430 is available in three colors: white, orange and black.

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